Frequently Asked Question Answered

Q: The Black Petal was published ages ago. When are we going to see what happens next?

There has been a gap hasn’t there. It isn’t ideal but thankfully I have sorted myself out and the sequel will be released early 2017. The Golden Lyre carries on directly after the events of the previous book. It can be preordered right now and will be available in ebook as well as paperback.

Q: Why isn’t The Caseworker’s Memoirs available now?

I was so excited when The Caseworker’s Memoirs came out. I felt it was original and touched upon some very current and important issues happening across the world right now. But overall, I came to realise that it was very rushed. It doesn’t feel right selling it anymore as I desperately want to fix the issues I’ve come across. Who knows, sometime in the future it may get a rerelease. But for now, I’m happy for all the support I got from readers who read it.

Q: Some of your books have been narrated into audiobooks. Why aren’t all of them?

Great question! I would love for all of them to be out there in all mediums, but unfortunately issues have come about meaning production had to be stopped for one of my titles. It wouldn’t be fair to say which one. And also I think the voice has to be right. I am looking at having more books available as audiobooks, but it is a lengthy process. Sign up to my newsletter to keep up-to-date and be the first to hear of all my news.

Q: I don’t have a kindle. Help!

Well I am a strong advocate of the physical book so all my books are available in paperback as well as kindle. Ana’s Trial and Hatred. Hidden. were both released in all ebook formats along with kindle. I am looking into having previous books made available for Nook and Kobo too. But all smartphones and tablets support the Kindle App so you don’t have to have a kindle to be able to read my books digitally. Once the Kindle app is installed on your tablet when you buy a kindle book from Amazon it will be delivered straight to your app.

Q: Who designs your Book Covers?

Ravven created the gorgeous Here Lies Love cover. I look forward to working with her again. My others have been created by myself. I like to have a creative play with book covers before anything is officially decided.